By modern standards Gordonia would be considered a socialist society. The people pay heavy taxes but enjoy many glorious things at the expense of the government. Many citizens have their houses constructed for them, the cities are completely constructed and maintained by the government, and education is cheap for those who seek it. Although many of the people are highly educated there are many people who still chose to perform physical trades such as smithing and farming. These people that chose to take these necessary positions are not looked at as any less than those who seek more intellectual tasks, as it is understood that for society to function such things are required.

There is no standing military on the island of Gordonia. The only standing defense are five knights known as “The Elements”, of which the king himself is a member.

The Island itself is considered to be cursed by outsiders as a result of an event referred to as the “Day of Flames”. Fifty years ago the country of Redwald sailed a fleet across the sea to the Island and declared war. The morning after the ships had landed on the shores, they had all been burned to the ground and the following day many miles of Redwald territory had been scorched by flames. The kingdom of Redwald immediately surrendered and the lands scorched by the flames is now known as the “Ashlands”.

Current King:


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